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Senior High School

Indonesia is a rich and diverse country.
The territory is vast, consisting of fertile land and rich seas. With this potential, Indonesia will become a developed country that the world will take into account. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare great leaders who will lead Indonesia to become a superpower country.

Andalusia Islamic High School is a school that contributes to producing great leaders for Indonesia. By implementing the national curriculum through various learning approaches and strategies adapted to the needs of students. Also synergize and collaborate with various agencies and organizations to realize this noble ideal.

We embody 5G students as one of our students’ characters, namely: Great Faith, Great Heroism, Great Mind, Great Leadership and Great Entrepreneurship.


National curriculum integrated with Islamic content


  • Tahfidz and Tahsin Al-Qur’an
  • Arabic & English
  • Technology-based learning
  • Intensive preparation for college


  • English Camp
  • College Exploration Tour
  • Student Exchange
  • SNBT Preparation
  • German Language


  • Students arrive at 07.15 WIB
  • Students go home at 16.00 WIB
  • Study days Monday to Friday
  • Extracurricular: scheduled according to needs without disturbing curricular activities
  • Curriculum Content :
    • Content of Merdeka Belajar Curriculum
    • Content of Islamic religious education
  • Habits of daily worship: congregational prayers, midday prayers, morning and evening dhikr


  • Boarding student activities are the same as full day students from 07.15 – 16.00 WIB
  • Boarding activities start at 16.00 – 07.15 WIB
  • Learning Content :
    • Curriculum content for full days
    • Islamic religious education content specifically for boarding students
      • Aqidah
      • Akhlaq
      • Fiqh
  • Worship habits are monitored
    • Pray 5 times a day in congregation
    • Dhikr ba’da fardhu prayer, dhikr morning and evening
    • Duha prayer
    • Evening prayer


The enrichment program is held at 16.15 – 17.45 WIB on Monday – Friday. This program is held only if there are students whose grades do not meet the minimum completion criteria (KKM).


  • Great Faith
  • Great Nasionalism
  • Great Mind
  • Great Leadership
  • Great Enterpreneurship


  • Pray on Time
  • Time Discipline
  • Literacy, Discussion and Collaboration
  • Clean, Neat, orderly and organized
  • keeping the heart

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