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Elementary School

The Board Member of Yayasan Dhiyaul Haqq, Teachers, Administrators and Staff are here to provide effective support system and learning opportunities to make the learning of your children an enjoyable experience. Thus, the teachers, school personnel and parents will work collaboratively to prepare the children to explore, discover and study in order to acquire good academic foundation and skills that will prepare them for higher grades and that will make our children   “life-long learners.”

We hope that at the end of the Elementary Program our graduates will become better children, responsive and enthusiastic towards learning.

“O believers! Be mindful of Allah and let every soul look to what ˹deeds˺ it has sent forth for tomorrow.1 And fear Allah, ˹for˺ certainly Allah is All-Aware of what you do.” (QS. Al Hasyr : 18)



The curriculum of Islamic Andalusian schools is a national curriculum that in implementation integrated with Islamic materials and concepts of English language learning.


  • Tahfidz and Tahsin Al-Qur’an
  • Arabic & English
  • Exchange Program
  • specialized learning materials and Cambridge



  • Keandalusiaan
  • Keakhwatan
  • Swimming
  • Field Trip
  • Market Day
  • Martikulasi
  • Inagurasi


  1. Memorize 2 juz of the Qur’an at least
  2. Healthy, Clean, neat and orderly
  3. Responsive and disciplined
  4. Become a person who is Quranic, intelligent, has character and has a global perspective
  5. Lifelong learning


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